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The Ferrari experience in the construction of the refractory bricks ovens was born in Italy in 1945.

In those years the founder Flaminio Ferrari  started to build a wood fired brick ovens to bake bread for community use in Italy , Germany and Switzerland.

After the Flaminio's death in the early 1970s Alessandro began to work with Flaminio's friend and created the firsts specialized ovens for pizza in Italy entirely built on place brick by brick.

It was a success and the following years were important for the growth of personal knowledge and the improvement in the realization of the pizza ovens by Alessandro.

Unfortunately discrepancies with colleague interrupted the working relationship between the two, and Alessandro decided to take other professional commitments, while continuing in the following years with limited production of handcrafted ovens.


In the early 2010s, the decision to Flaminio to carry on the family tradition begun 70 years before by his grandfather from whom he inherited not only the name but also the innate passion for creating handcrafted ovens that can be defined as unique masterpieces made in person and only by hand and with products exclusively that respect the Italian tradition and attention to detail so manic and with the ability to be customized at will by the customer.

Hence the decision to open a manifacturing plant in North America to meet the continuing and growing demand for traditional ovens pizza the other side of the globe and seek new markets as the saturated Italian market now too many companies that produces pizza ovens at industrial level with prefabricated products do not allowed the development of the personal project he had in mind.


Flaminio's  sales philosophy is to give the customer what the customer wants, not what the market or fashion imposed, thinking first about the passion for creating unique pieces with materials that are strictly of Italian tradition and that's why the FERRARI PIZZA OVENS are appreciated for their excellent quality of construction.



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